Our ONE NATURE organic products

Nuts, dried fruit and coconut products

Coconut products

Whether it’s for baking, cooking or for direct consumption, the quality of ONE NATURE organic coconut products means that they are always a good choice. While coconut milk, for example, is a perfect replacement for cream, coconut oil is also a fantastic alternative option, and not just in vegan cooking, as it is a high quality fat that can be heated to high temperatures. Ready-to-drink coconut water is an ideal thirst quencher for athletes.


Nuts & kernels

ONE NATURE organic offers a wide selection of nuts and kernels of the best organic quality – whether as an ingredient for baking, when cooking exotic rice and curry dishes, or for direct consumption as a snack and in salads.


Dried fruit

Our selected fruits are gently processed, making our products the first choice for exacting customers.  Drying fruit is the gentlest method of increasing its shelf life.  Natural and free from preservatives. ONE NATURE organic fruits are ideal for enhancing mueslis, baked goods, desserts or as the perfect snack.


Pulses & Seeds

Pulses are a very good source of protein – their high protein content makes them particularly valuable in a vegetarian or vegan diet. ONE NATURE organic pulses and seeds are of top organic quality and are a delicious ingredient in soups, casseroles, mueslis, salads, breads and baked goods for example, or they can also be served as a side dish.


Fruit in jars

Only the ripest fruit is selected for ONE NATURE organic fruit in jars.  Sweetened without the use of household sugar, they are a real delicacy – whether eaten as they are or as an ingredient in desserts, cakes, muesli or yoghurt.


Alternative sweeteners

ONE NATURE organic alternative sweeteners can be used as a replacement for standard household sugar in all areas due to their balanced sweetness and easy solubility, whether for sweetening tea or desserts or for baking and cooking.


Available soon:

Coconut milk drinks

New and extra special. Coconut milk for drinking – lactose-free and vegan.  Natural, mixed with fruit or in the classic flavours of cocoa and vanilla, the ONE NATURE organic Oyi coconut milk drinks are a tasty alternative for anyone who is nutrition-conscious or who is looking for an enjoyable drink.  With no added sugar, flavourings or preservatives.


Everybody’s talking about superfruit! And for us, that can only mean the best ingredients in three delicious combinations – with wholesome goji berries, cranberries and sour cherries – in a resealable pouch to maintain freshness.