Genuinely organic right from the start

Over 35 years’ experience in the cultivation and processing of organic fruit & organic nuts

What does organic mean?
Organic foods are a legal entity, as defined in the EU-Eco-regulation, with the aim of creating a sustainable production process in farming and minimising the environmental impact of food processing.

Organic means:
• Not using chemical-synthetic pesticides and mineral nitrogen fertiliser
• No GM-modification
• Promotion of biodiversity
• Not using flavour enhancers, artificial aromas, sulphur, colourings and preservatives

As organic pioneers, we have helped drive the development of ecological farming for more than 35 years. ONE NATURE organic not only embodies our organic competence, but also our social responsibility to the growers in the countries of origin. Particularly in third-world and developing countries, ecological farming is an important factor in providing a sustainably high living standard for citizens. Several processing facilities in these countries create further jobs. Not all the nuts and fruit we want to eat can be grown in our part of the world, but we find the fairest, most direct and secure processes to get these onto our shelves.