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From the field to the shop shelf – everything from one source

We are at the forefront of the organic movement and we specialise in organic fruit, organic nuts and organic coconut products.  The foundation for our high-quality organic products, which are also plentiful, is agriculture. That’s why our cultivation projects are the key to expanding organic cultivation land and to safeguarding sustainable demand for raw materials. A personal relationship with the individual organic growers is therefore our guarantee for high quality and sustainable supply. But it also furthers our ability to have an influence on social and sustainability issues in each location.

Expansion of organic cultivation, especially outside Europe

Normally, a cultivation project starts with a raw material being required which is not always available in sufficient quantities, or of a satisfactory level of quality. We actively seek partners who meet the criteria needed for working together with us as sustainable suppliers. However, the quality of the personal relationship and the objectives of the people involved are more important than current market conditions. If our search for the right partner is successful, this marks the beginning of a farming project.

Promoting on-site independent organisation with harvest planning and quality assurance.

The main task of our project manager and their agricultural engineers is to recognise opportunities on site and to develop a strong and successful structure in collaboration with the growers to work to achieve the shared vision. The scope of the work may vary from project to project: from conversion to an agricultural organic facility to the implementation of documented quality assurance systems through to harvest planning and employee training.

Fair payment and good working conditions for the growers.

It is important to us that processing steps after the harvest take place at the place of origin to the greatest extent possible. In order for us to be a reliable, sustainable partner, we need to be capable of buying the entire amount at a fair price and then marketing it. Our sales and marketing work is significantly influenced by this fact.